About Joe and Grandad Photography

What Joe Brings to the Party...

Joe's natural talent for photography was stimulated and demonstrated by his GCSE studies in the subject. His work was first rewarded with an A* Grade and have culminated with an A Grade at Advanced Level.

It soon became apparent — to both his Grandad and his tutor — that his technical knowledge and post-processing skills were merely the means by which he could harness and enhance his artistic creativity.

Joe visualises, captures, and produces original views of the scenes around him, whether those scenes are situated in rural, urban, or studio environments.

What Grandad Brings to the Party...

Photographs can evoke wonderful memories and play such an important part in our lives. Skilfully restored and/or colourised images can provide enduring pleasure and be the source of great pride.

The “Grandad half” of Joe and Grandad Photography is skilled and practiced in the technology and techniques that enable the retouching of creased, stained, badly composed, and neglected old photographs from way back thereby restoring them to their rightful place in your precious memories.

What They Both Bring to the Party...

Joe and Grandad make a great team.

Joe’s fresh eyes and creative vision locate and capture images of outstanding originality. His fitness levels and natural athleticism enable him to envisage and capture images from viewpoints that are inaccessible to the majority of photographers (and certainly to his Grandad!). His talents are then augmented by Grandad’s technical and post-processing experience when finalising their presentation.

Together, Joe and Grandad share a determination to continually enhance their reputation by delivering a service that will delight their clients with its creative quality and its technical attention to detail.

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