I have always enjoyed sports photography, particularly football and both codes of rugby. Possibly the greatest understatement of all time is that I've never been anyone’s idea of an athlete, which is why I so admire those who put their bodies on the line to compete in contact or collision sports.

In my opinion the perfect sports photograph isn't necessarily the one that captures the ball bursting the back of the net or the dive between the posts to score the winning try. Sports photography requires constant concentration and anticipation to enable accurate predictions of what might happen next, and the maintaining of constant focus upon the on-field  action.

The essence of my sports photography is the capture of the expressions on the players’ faces: their determination, their joy, their anguish, and their total immersion in the “now” of the contest. The capture of those fleeting, magic, moments is the task I set myself during every match from the kick-off to the final whistle.

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